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Professional. Approachable. Service you can recommend.

With decades of combined experience, we pride ourselves on the service we provide. Our clients tell us our mix of friendliness and professionalism is unrivalled.

Meet our core team

Mike Smith Director

He's the telecoms guru, and it's afforded him access to more TV production sets than you can shake a clapperboard at. Wherever he is, you can always hear the opening bars of "Sweet Home Alabama" announcing his arrival, so sort of like Darth Vader, but jollier.

Steve Griffiths Director

He's had his finger on the pulse of IT for more than 30 years and if you ask him his fondest memory from over that period, he'll tell you it was his Honda CB400/4 Super Sport. It's possible he misunderstood the question.

David Meadows Support Engineer

He's worked in IT for almost 30 years, but he's also an accomplished cook, baker and general food fanatic. Nothing makes him happier than trying out new recipes. And nothing makes him unhappier than the A470 in the morning.

Arlene Griffiths Office Manager

Hasn't been in IT as long as Steve, but still longer than she cares to remember. She's also responsible for (guilty of) the newsletter and she’s proud to be the Proof Reader from Hell (warning: don't mailshot us unless you're prepared to have it severely critiqued).

 ... they give me peace of mind with the timely and reliable technical support provided. 
PB, Managing Director, Cardiff