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Readers tell us they've never seen anything like it. We think it's meant as a compliment.

Produced quarterly, our newsletter uses a combination of tips, news and a lot of humour to engage and inform. We bust the jargon used in our industry, give guides to best practice and the pitfalls to avoid and let you know about new products and services we're offering. But with the emphasis heavily on entertainment, it's a very easy read.

Issue 55 - Summer 2022  View Newsletter  View Quiz Answers

Issue 54 - Spring 2022  View Newsletter  View Quiz Answers

Issue 53 - Christmas 2021  View Newsletter  View Quiz Answers

Issue 52 - Autumn 2021  View Newsletter  View Quiz Answers

 Aspect strike the perfect balance between informality and professionalism. We can discuss any project, large or small, without being drowned in jargon and still with the assurance that the solution we get will be right for us both in the short and long term and most importantly, it'll be fairly priced. 
BD, Managing Director, Pontypridd